Ciara Giles Doran

Ciara Giles DoranCiara is an undergraduate Biomedical Engineering student at the U.C.D. School of Engineering and Material Science. She formerly completed 2 years of Physiotherapy in U.C.D. before switching to Engineering in September 2015.

Ciara was awarded an Ad Astra Academic Scholarship on entry to the university (2013), and achieved the highest Stage 1 G.P.A. in the School of Physiotherapy and Public Health (2014).

She started her research under the supervision of Dr. Eoin O’Cearbhaill in June 2016, as part of the “Summer Student Research Awards” 8-week programme. Her project focuses on the development of durable, user-specific 3D printed ankle foot orthosis, with funding provided by the Health Research Board.

Apart from academics, Ciara is a Robotics Officer for the U.C.D. Robotics Club and also has a big interest in volunteering. Additionally, she has a keen interest in athletics and represented Ireland at the European Youth Olympic Games in 2011.

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