Dr. Fergal Coulter

Dr. Fergal CoulterFergal Coulter studied Computer Engineering at University of Limerick. After a number of years in industry, and then freelance system designer and printmaker he completed an MSc in Smart Materials and Product Design at Nottingham Trent University. He specialised in artificial muscles for in-vivo implants.

He recently completed his PhD, also at Nottingham Trent University, entitled “Additive manufacturing method for dielectric elastomer based cardiac assist device”, which concentrates on the design of a system capable of “4D printing” silicone artificial muscles which contain varying levels of elastic strain throughout the object’s layers.

Fergal has recently started a post-doc in the UCD Medical Device Design Group, working on the design and fabrication of a bio-hybrid artificial pancreas. Along side this, he has a joint appointment at ETH Zurich where he is continuing to investigate the topic of his PhD research.

His research interests include: 4D printing, inflatable structures, bio-robotics, soft robotics, dielectric elastomer artificial muscles and 3D printing bio-engineered scaffolds.