Edel Garry

Edel GarryEdel is a Master’s student in Bioengineering under the supervision of Dr. O’Cearbhaill and Dr. Lyons. Her Master’s research project is looking into Orthopaedic surgery suture repair of peri-articular soft-tissues.

The aim is to benchmark the forces required to cause failure in both standard suturing with Vicryl® and PDS II® and compare this to FiberWire® and Ethibond®. This work involves carrying out mechanical testing on the materials and subsequently, using cadaver models, testing the dynamic failure pattern of all four suture materials.

Edel obtained a BSc (Hons) in Radiotherapy from Birmingham City University and her background is in Radiation Therapy, working in both a clinical setting and dosimetry. Edel is also involved in a Dublin rowing club and enjoys training and competing throughout the year.