James Byrne

James ByrneJames Byrne is a Masters in Biomedical Engineering student studying under the supervision of Dr. David Browne and Dr. Eoin O’Cearbhaill. He is currently carrying out research on the use of a magnesium based bulk metallic glass as a bioresorbable implant material. This work involves casting the material as a metallic glass, carrying out mechanical testing on the crystalline material and the metallic glass, and biocompatibility testing.

He obtained a B.Sc. in Engineering in UCD with a major focus on biomedical engineering. As part of his Masters, he spent 8 months working in Boston Scientific Galway. He worked in the manufacture of angioplasty balloon catheters for applications such as coronary cutting balloons, peripheral vascular balloons and urinary balloon catheters.

James is an avid member of the UCD Mountaineering club, with interests in Rock Climbing, Hiking, Bouldering and Winter Mountaineering.