Owen Humphreys

Owen HumphreysOwen received a BSc in Mechanical Engineering in UCD before staring his masters in Biomedical Engineering. His research project is tissue engineering a model urethra to investigate the friction behaviour of intermittent urinary catheters. The project was in collaboration with and funded by catheter manufacturer Hollister Inc. (Ballina, Co. Mayo). He was awarded funding to continue this research as a PhD student by the Irish Research Council in collaboration with Hollister Inc. under the Enterprise Partnership Scheme, starting January 2016.

As part of his masters Owen interned for 8 months as a mechanical engineer at BioMedical Research (BMR) in Galway. BMR make electrical nerve/muscle stimulators for pain relief and muscle rehabilitation. As part of a team of 3 mechanical engineers his main work was testing and improving electronic controllers to pass safety regulations and ultimately receive a CE classification.

Outside of engineering Owen is a successful concert photographer.