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Humphreys, O., Pickering, M., O’Cearbhaill, E.D. and Flanagan, T.C., 2020. A biomimetic urethral model to evaluate urinary catheter lubricity and epithelial micro-trauma. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials

McMahon, C.J., Ayoubi, K., Mehanna, R., Phelan, E., O’Cearbhaill, E., Russell, J. and Nölke, L., 2020. Outcome of congenital tracheal stenosis in children over two decades in a national cardiothoracic surgical unit. Cardiology in the Young, 30(1), pp.34-38.

Scheiner, K.C., Coulter, F., Maas-Bakker, R.F., Ghersi, G., Nguyen, T.T., Steendam, R., Duffy, G.P., Hennink, W.E., O’Cearbhaill, E.D. and Kok, R.J., 2020. Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor–Releasing Microspheres Based on Poly (ε-Caprolactone-PEG-ε-Caprolactone)-b-Poly (L-Lactide) Multiblock Copolymers Incorporated in a Three-Dimensional Printed Poly (Dimethylsiloxane) Cell Macroencapsulation Device. Journal of pharmaceutical sciences

O’Cearbhaill, E.D., Laulicht, B., Mitchell, N., Yu, L., Valic, M., Masiakos, P. and Karp, J.M., 2019. A radial clutch needle for facile and safe tissue compartment access. Medical Devices & Sensors

Krieger, K.J., Bertollo, N., Dangol, M., Sheridan, J.T., Lowery, M.M. and O’Cearbhaill, E.D., 2019. Simple and customizable method for fabrication of high-aspect ratio microneedle molds using low-cost 3D printing. Microsystems & Nanoengineering

Byrne, O., Coulter, F., Glynn, M., Jones, J.F., Annaidh, A.N., O’Cearbhaill, E.D. and Holland, D.P., 2018. Additive Manufacture of Composite Soft Pneumatic Actuators. Soft robotics. PDF

From: Additive Manufacture of Composite Soft Pneumatic Actuators

Keaveney, S., Connolly, P. and O’Cearbhaill, E.D., 2018. Kinematic error modeling and error compensation of desktop 3D printer. Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering.

McMahon, S., Bertollo, N., O’Cearbhaill, E.D., Salber, J., Pierucci, L., Duffy, P., Dürig, T., Bi, V. and Wang, W., 2018. Bio-resorbable polymer stents: a review of material progress and prospects. Progress in Polymer Science, 83, pp.79-96.

Cahill, E.M., Keaveney, S., Stuettgen, V., Eberts, P., Ramos-Luna, P., Zhang, N., Dangol, M. and O’Cearbhaill, E.D., 2018. Metallic microneedles with interconnected porosity: A scalable platform for biosensing and drug delivery. Acta biomaterialia, 80, pp.401-411.

Seong, K.Y., Seo, M.S., Hwang, D.Y., O’Cearbhaill, E.D., Sreenan, S., Karp, J.M. and Yang, S.Y., 2017. A self-adherent, bullet-shaped microneedle patch for controlled transdermal delivery of insulin. Journal of Controlled Release, 265, pp.48-56.

Metallic microneedles with interconnected porosity: A scalable platform for biosensing and drug delivery
From: Metallic microneedles with interconnected porosity: A scalable platform for biosensing and drug delivery

Feins, E.N., Lee, Y., O’Cearbhaill, E.D., Vasilyev, N.V., Shimada, S., Friehs, I., Perrin, D., Hammer, P.E., Yamauchi, H., Marx, G. and Gosline, A., 2017. A growth-accommodating implant for paediatric applications. Nature biomedical engineering, 1(10), p.818.

Meagher, P., O’Cearbhaill, E.D., Byrne, J.H. and Browne, D.J., 2016. Bulk metallic glasses for implantable medical devices and surgical tools. Advanced Materials, 28(27), pp.5755-5762.

Zhang, H., Zhao, T., Newland, B., Duffy, P., Annaidh, A.N., O’Cearbhaill, E.D. and Wang, W., 2015. On-demand and negative-thermo-swelling tissue adhesive based on highly branched ambivalent PEG–catechol copolymers. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 3(31), pp.6420-6428.

Zhang, H., Zhao, T., Duffy, P., Dong, Y., Annaidh, A.N., O’Cearbhaill, E. and Wang, W., 2015. Hydrolytically Degradable Hyperbranched PEG‐Polyester Adhesive with Low Swelling and Robust Mechanical Properties. Advanced healthcare materials, 4(15), pp.2260-2268.

Roche, E.T., Fabozzo, A., Lee, Y., Polygerinos, P., Friehs, I., Schuster, L., Whyte, W., Berazaluce, A.M.C., Bueno, A., Lang, N. and Pereira, M.J., 2015. A light-reflecting balloon catheter for atraumatic tissue defect repair. Science translational medicine, 7(306), pp.306ra149-306ra149.

Cahill, E.M. and O’Cearbhaill, E.D., 2015. Toward biofunctional microneedles for stimulus responsive drug delivery. Bioconjugate chemistry, 26(7), pp.1289-1296.

Toward biofunctional microneedles for stimulus responsive drug delivery
From: Toward biofunctional microneedles for stimulus responsive drug delivery

O’Brien, B., O’Cearbhaill, E. and Bruzzi, M., 2014. A Stent with Customizable Length for Treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia: Clinical Need, Device Development and Pre-clinical Testing. Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology, 5(4), pp.317-333.

Lang, N., Pereira, M.J., Lee, Y., Friehs, I., Vasilyev, N.V., Feins, E.N., Ablasser, K., O’cearbhaill, E.D., Xu, C., Fabozzo, A. and Padera, R., 2014. A blood-resistant surgical glue for minimally invasive repair of vessels and heart defects. Science translational medicine, 6(218), pp.218ra6-218ra6.

O’Cearbhaill, E.D., Ng, K.S. and Karp, J.M., 2014, February. Emerging medical devices for minimally invasive cell therapy. In Mayo Clinic Proceedings (Vol. 89, No. 2, pp. 259-273). Elsevier.

Yang, S.Y., O’Cearbhaill, E.D., Sisk, G.C., Park, K.M., Cho, W.K., Villiger, M., Bouma, B.E., Pomahac, B. and Karp, J.M., 2013. A bio-inspired swellable microneedle adhesive for mechanical interlocking with tissue. Nature communications, 4, p.1702.

A bio-inspired swellable microneedle adhesive for mechanical interlocking with tissue
From: A bio-inspired swellable microneedle adhesive for mechanical interlocking with tissue

Mooney, E., Mackle, J.N., Blond, D.J.P., O’Cearbhaill, E., Shaw, G., Blau, W.J., Barry, F.P., Barron, V. and Murphy, J.M., 2012. The electrical stimulation of carbon nanotubes to provide a cardiomimetic cue to MSCs. Biomaterials, 33(26), pp.6132-6139.

Lang, N., Nunes Pereira, M., Friehs, I., Vasilyev, N., Ablasser, K., O’cearbhaill, E., Xu, C., Yamauchi, H., Hammer, P., Wasserman, S. and Karp, J.M., 2012. A Biocompatible Light-Activated Adhesive for Intra- and Extracardiac Applications in Acquired and Congenital Heart Disease.

Xu, C., Poh, Y.K.C., Roes, I., O’Cearbhaill, E.D., Matthiesen, M.E., Mu, L., Yang, S.Y., Miranda-Nieves, D., Irimia, D. and Karp, J.M., 2012. A portable chemotaxis platform for short and long term analysis. PLoS one, 7(9), p.e44995.

O’Cearbhaill, E.D., Murphy, M., Barry, F., McHugh, P.E. and Barron, V., 2010. Behavior of human mesenchymal stem cells in fibrin-based vascular tissue engineering constructs. Annals of biomedical engineering, 38(3), pp.649-657.

Punchard, M.A., O’Cearbhaill, E.D., Mackle, J.N., McHugh, P.E., Smith, T.J., Stenson-Cox, C. and Barron, V., 2009. Evaluation of human endothelial cells post stent deployment in a cardiovascular simulator in vitro. Annals of biomedical engineering, 37(7), pp.1322-1330.

Crouchley, C.M., Barron, V., Punchard, M., O’Cearbhaill, E. and Smith, T., 2008. Development of a co-culture system for tissue engineered vascular grafts. Bio-medical materials and engineering, 18(4-5), pp.291-294.

O’Cearbhaill, E.D., Punchard, M.A., Murphy, M., Barry, F.P., McHugh, P.E. and Barron, V., 2008. Response of mesenchymal stem cells to the biomechanical environment of the endothelium on a flexible tubular silicone substrate. Biomaterials, 29(11), pp.1610-1619.

McGarry, J.P., O’Donnell, B.P., McHugh, P.E., O’Cearbhaill, E. and McMeeking, R.M., 2007. Computational examination of the effect of material inhomogeneity on the necking of stent struts under tensile loading. Journal of applied mechanics, 74(5), pp.978-989.

Punchard, M.A., Stenson-Cox, C., O’cearbhaill, E.D., Lyons, E., Gundy, S., Murphy, L., Pandit, A., McHugh, P.E. and Barron, V., 2007. Endothelial cell response to biomechanical forces under simulated vascular loading conditions. Journal of biomechanics, 40(14), pp.3146-3154.

O’Cearbhaill, E.D., Barron, V. and McHugh, P.E., 2006. Characterisation of a collagen membrane for its potential use in cardiovascular tissue engineering applications. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 17(3), pp.195-201.

Published Patents / Patent Applications

O’Cearbhaill, E. and Coulter, F., University College Dublin, 2020. An implantable medical device. U.S. Patent Application 16/617,707.

Feins, E.N., Del Nido, P.J., Vasilyev, N.V., Yamauchi, H., Perrin, D.P., Hammer, P., Arabagi, V., Karp, J.M., Lee, Y. and D O’Cearbhaill, E., Brigham, 2020. Autonomously growing implantable device. U.S. Patent Application 16/077,787.

Dillon, F., O’Cearbhaill, E. and Krieger, K., University College Dublin, 2020. Oral appliance. U.S. Patent Application 16/496,078.

Bertollo, N., Morris, S. and O’Cearbhaill, E., University College Dublin, 2019. A Tissue Anchor. U.S. Patent Application 16/341,199.

Yang, S.Y., Karp, J.M., O’Cearbhaill, E.D. and Pomahac, B., Brigham and Women’s Hospital, 2019. Swellable adhesive needles. U.S. Patent 10,420,922.

Del Nido, P.J., Yamauchi, H., Vasilyev, N.V., Pereira, M.J.M.N. and O’Cearbhaill, E.D., Brigham, Women’s Hospital and Children s Medical Center Corp, 2019. Right ventricular papillary approximation. U.S. Patent 10,420,645.

O’Cearbhaill, E.D., Laulicht, B., Slocum, A.H., Langer, R.S., Farokhzad, O.C. and Karp, J.M., Brigham, Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019. Methods and devices for inserting a needle. U.S. Patent 10,201,655