Journal Articles

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A Bio-Inspired Swellable Microneedle Adhesive for Mechanical Interlocking with Tissue.jpeg
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Published Patents / Patent Applications

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Select Conference Papers

[1] Thangaramanujam, M., Jones, J., O’Cearbhaill, E., Felle, P. (2015) Designing anatomically realistic 3D-printable prostheses: Connecting the dots with Health Informatics. Royal Academy of Medicine Health Informatics Section Student Symposium, Dublin

[2] Thangaramanujam, M., Jones, J., Felle, P., O’Cearbhaill, E. (2015) From 3D Gait Analysis to 3D Printing: Leveraging Gait Analysis and Radiology to design Patient Specific, Anatomically Accurate Lower Limb Prostheses. Bioengineering in Ireland 2015 Conference, Maynooth.

[3] Cahill, E.,  O’Cearbhaill, E. (2015) Engineering Material Considerations for Microneedle Applications in Sensing and Delivery. Bioengineering in Ireland 2015 Conference, Maynooth.